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Real Thirst-Quencher

1957 - 7-UP Balloons
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Biggest Wing Ding of the semester — Or just Saturday night in the Rumpus Room — a Party is Fun’. And where there is Fun, 7-UP is right in step. It’s so lively and sparkling.
Happens to be the best Thirst-Quencher there is, too. When you finish a bottle of 7-UP there is no comeback thirst… no sticky taste in your mouth to bother you. Ask 7-UP to your party! Everybody will be glad you did!
Nothing Does It Like 7-UP!
“Fresh Up” with Seven-UP!

Perfect Partner For Family Fun!

1949- 7-UP Square Dance
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It’s a mighty gay evening when Gramps tunes up the fiddle and calls the turns. There’s wholesome fun a-plenty for every age! And between dances there’s added pleasure as they all “Fresh Up” with cheerful 7-UP — The crystal-clear, all-family drink. So pure, so good and so wholesome for everyone, 7-UP quenches thirst completely as it tempts the taste, with it’s fresh, clean flavor and it’s lively good cheer.
Invite 7-UP to join your family fun soon. But order enough! You’ll all be 7-UP “Steadies.” Ask for a case wherever you see the bright 7-UP signs.
You Like It … It Likes You!